Another meme coin? Not really. Kiwi token has just been born. However, how we got here is a fun story, albeit not an uncommon one…

The Kiwi Token is a cryptocurrency launched for the sole purpose of being the currency used to play any of the games created by Legendary Labs.

The token not only provides utility for holders to be able to play online games provided by Legendary Labs but also to be used to reward the community of early supporters through airdrops and giveaways.

A Bit of History

Kiwi Token was created by a group of team members that decided to create a easy accessible easy token to use to utilize for games made by Legendary Labs.

After this initial phase the token, and all of the necessary infrastructure, the token will evolve. Liquidity from the original team members is intact and only replaced by Gnosis Multisig Wallet liquidity generated by the sale of NFT's specifically designed to ensur holders.

Once Kiwi was back on solid ground, it was time to begin building utility. Time to grow up and move beyond being a simple meme token and a payment method for games. Then Kiwi began seeking out other legitimate projects to partner with. After finding a few we are now as many know in the process of migration as we come closer to the main net release of the Vulcan Blockchain.

Secure your KIWI and hold it tight. Keep up to speed with announcements made.

The story continues.

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